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About anna RF

anna RF is an Electro – Ethnic – Reggae group.

The phrase anna RF is an Arabic-Hebrew expression which has a double meaning – “I know” and “I don’t know”, that is the concept behind the band.

anna RF was formed in a tiny desert village called “Shaharut”.
The band creates music that combines the beauty of different cultures and brings people together in a joyful celebration of unity. The groups sound is a mix between east & west, blending ancient and modern instruments with a live-electronic touch. The massage of the songs is one of happiness and freedom.

anna RF is also about visual art and collaborations. The group is travelling across the globe creating music and videos with local artists in authentic settings using a portable studio.

Group members:

Or Raveh (Dubtazer)

Electronic music producer and DJ. Plays bass guitar and live electronics.

Roy Smila

A background of eastern music. Founding member of Faran Ensemble. Plays a variety of instruments such as: Kamancha (Persian violin), Lafta, & Baglama (Turkish Instruments).

Ofir J. Rock

A background of rock music & world music production (Masala Music & Spirit) plays the guitar, didgeridoo, flutes & vocals.


On stage anna RF creates an Energetic, Positive Party that moves people all over the world.  The band is constantly touring around the world. Keep updated on upcoming tour dates.

Upcoming Events

24.07.2016: anna RF 2016 Summer Tour


We are coming to Europe for a special happy summer tour !!!
If you around – Come join the Celebration !!!
24/07 – Pachamama Festival – Switzerland
28/07 – Anshoo pub – Kiryat Shemoneh – Israel
06/08 – Reggaewalde Festival – Poland
11/08 – B-Seite MusikCafeBar – Lauffen – Germany
14/08 – Ancient Trance Festival – Leipzig – Germany
17/08 – Peace Festival – The Fringe- Edinburgh – Scotland
20/08 – Keltenhaus Festival – Switzerland
26/08 – Restaurant Feldschlösschen – Bern – Switzerland
28/08 – Mitakuye Oytasin Festival – Switzerland

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02.06.2016: Live Concert


anna RF is coming to Switzerland for 3 special concerts !!!
02/06 – Moudi Bar – Bern
03/06 – Landenstelle – Basel
04/06 – Grienen Openair Festival – Zurich
Come join the celebration :)))

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17.03.2016: Israel Tour


We are coming to Israel for a special spring tour !!!Come join the Celebration !!!
Upcoming Concerts :
17/03 – Pytria Pub – Kibbutz Dan
25/03 – Electro-Carnaval – Kfar Hanokdim
26/03 – Yellow Submarine – Jerusalem
20/04 – Barbi – Tel Aviv
06/05 – Hahalutz 33 – Beer Sheva
17/05 – Rumor 22 – Herzliya
18/05 – Goose Pub – Ein Shemer
20/05 – Kibbutz Gaaton
25/05 – Alva Bar – Emek Hayarden
26/05 – The Student Day – Tel Aviv
07/06 – Mediterranee Festival – Ashdod
08/06 – City Meets Music Festival – Netanya
09/06 – Cafe Ezuz – Ezuz

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Contact Us

For Booking and concerts information booking@anna-rf.com

For feedback, questions and everything else info@anna-rf.com

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