October 25 - November 30 • Israel

Israel Tour- ANNA RF feat DUBTAZER & TOM BERTSCHY (Switzerland)

October 25 - Shaharut (End Of The World)
October 29 - Binyamina (Indica)
November 2 - Metula (Hahakura shel Yakov)
November 7 - Tel Aviv (Haezor)
November 8 - Mitzpe Ramon (Hadasar)
November 13 - Jerusalem (avram bar)
November 22 - Manof (Pabela)
November 28 - Nahal Hadera (Midnight Sun)
November 29 - Gesher Ziv (Jah Muse)
November 30 - Arad (Zman MIdbar)

September 28 - October 6 • Ukraine


ANNA RF feat the Hang artist DAVIDE SWARUP for 10 days tour all over Ukraine (Kiev,Odessa,Kharkov and more)

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September 7 • Israel

Three days of tribal musical celebration

Electronic-ethnic-reggae cellebration made by ANNA RF feat the abelton artist DUBTAZER. The band will combine the didgeridoo and some new tunes special for the festival.

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July 21 • Switzerland

Fire Festival

This festival lights a new fire, a legendary party, a social experiment, a radical counterculture. ANNA RF - The closure concert of the "Fire Festival",combining Tom Freiburghaus, the bag pipe artist,Tom Bertschy on Drum and Dahul, Natalia Mellado on Persian Santur,dubtazer on Abelton.

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July 13 • Switzerland

Kulturpunkt Flawil

The Culturepunkt Flawil offers the opportunity to experience cultural encounters. This is the last concert in the culturalpunkt Flawil before the season closing party of the following weekend. We invite you to a concert with a variety of instruments and synthesis of different musical styles.

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The band formed in the summer of 2011 by Roy Smila and Ofir J. Rock.
ANNA RF began in the tiny desert village of Shaharut in southern Israel.

Ofir J.Rock, coming from a background of rock music and music production, playing the guitar, didgeridoo, flutes and vocals.

Roy Smila, coming from a background of eastern music, playing a variety of instruments such as: Kamancha (Persian violin), Lafta (Turkish Lauta), and Sazbush (Turkish Baglama).

Together they have created a new sound.
A mix between the east and the west, blending ancient and modern instruments combined with an electronic touch. Past meets present into a future sound.

ANNA RF is also about visual art. They create video clips for each song. Their music and videos are self-produced in their studio, in Israel or in their mobile audio and video studio as they travel around the world.

The word ANNA RF is an Arabic-Hebrew expression witch has a double meaning. "I know" and "I don't know", that represents the concept behind the so called philosophy of the band.

For Questions, Feedback, Booking and (pretty much) Anything you like contact annarfmusic@gmail.com

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